AATM-P Single Output Shaft Type of Steering Gearbox

Overview of AATM-P Right Angle Servo Gearbox

  • High performance with a compact structure and rigid design.
  • Energy-saving due to high efficiencyof 98%.
  • High rigidity realized by the use of high quality steel alloy SCM415 HRC60.
  • Easy to install because of box is a regular hexahedron.
  • AATM-P series adopts spiral bevel gears to achieve high output torque.


Indication of Model Numbers of AATM-P Steering Gearbox

Description of AATM-P Right Angle Shaft Output Gearbox

The AATM-P is a single output shaft type, and it also called precision steering gearbox. TQG AATM-P series was specifically designed for matching servo motors. This series speed reducers manufactured by TQG company which is a professional planetary gearbox manufacturer in China. AATM-P series are designed with single output shaft and a 90 degree for input and output terminal.

This series products features of high precision, high efficiency, free maintenance, and long service life. The use of high precision spiral bevel gear and nickel-chrome alloy steel SCM415 HRC60 contribute to the high strength of TQG AATM-P precision gearbox. And high efficiency was achieved by the combination of planet mechanism and the precision spiral bevel mechanism. Besides, the high rigidity of the TQG AATM-P hollow gearbox thanks to the supported double conical bearings, which can guarantee high performance under the large load operation situations.

Application of AATM-P Precision Speed Reducer

AATM-P right angle gearboxes are widely applied in pipe bending machine, two axis control working table, roller drive, punching parts, printed circuit board inspection device, angle positioning control, transportation, rotating machine, rolling up equipment, robot for working in high speed, unmanned vehicle, tensile testing machine, shaft input belt drive, etc.


Specification Table of AATM Speed Reducer


Catalogue of AATM-P  Speed Reducer

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