Who We Are

Jiangsu Fenghua Transmission Technology Co.,Ltd. is developed from a factory which professionally manufactures the gears. All staffs of factory and R & D team have more than 20 years’ gear manufacturing and designing experience. The factory cooperated with Taiwan planetary gearbox technology team in the early period, and then established business department of the planetary gearbox , and developed the design and manufacturing process of product line of planetary gearbox series. The servo exclusive-used precision gearbox series the company produced are with three features of low backlash (5~8 arcmin), low noise (60dAB) and high efficiency (>=95%). Products can be compatible with servo motors and stepper motors produced by any servo factory. High precision planetary reducers features of reducing rotating speed, increasing torque greatly, increasing inertia of the motor rotor, improving rigidity, shortening the locating time of start and stop, miniaturizing the motor power and improving the stability of the inertia load and reducing the vibration at the same time.

In order to upgrade products, and adapt to the applicable range of high precision grade products, the factory launched the whole series of high precision helical planetary gearbox in late stage. With ultra-low backlash (1-3 arcmin) precision grade, the newly developed products can directly replace the sizes of the products produced by Germany and Japan. All product series are completed, and sizes and precision can perfectly match with that of Japanese and Germany. While upgrading planetary reducer products, the factory insists on the concept of R&D as the development direction of the company. Then the factory successively developed and launched 90 degree precision right angle gearboxes which are suitable for automation with different installation and output requirements , multi-joint robot industry reducers (RV high precision pin-wheel reducers), and harmonic reducers making use of the principle of the wave gear device invented by American genius inventor C. W.

Musser, and precision gear & rack products. The factory can also customize the reducer. The products are widely used in tool machines (Planning Machine Tools), laser cutting machines, woodworking engraving machines, 3C automation, photovoltaic equipment, lithium battery and other fields of new energy equipment. And Fenghua gearboxes can also be found in fully servo paper towel machines, precision concave-convex printing machines, precision coating machines, servo pipe benders, CNC spring machines and other highly automated equipment.

The company matches a large stocks of products to coordinate with servo motor manufacturers and system integration traders, rooting in the domestic market, and determined to serve the domestic automatic industry and robotic field by excellent products and serve for the Chinese robot cause and Industrial 4.0 direction.

3F famed reducer gearboxes have been exported to more than 20 countries like United States, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Chile, Spain, Italy, Peru, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, England, etc.