Our Workshop of Planetary Gearbox

The considered factors when purchasing a speed reducer

1.Quality of the speed reducer

In the professional view, the quality includes a vast range such as quality of R & D, production quality, storage quality, transport quality and maintenance quality. While from the

Quality in a professional perspective includes a vast range, such as R & D quality, storage quality, production quality, transportation quality and maintenance quality. While the user is more concerned with the quality of perception, that is, the perception of the actual using process.

2.Price and Price difference of the gear reducer

To a certain extent, prices will affect buying behavior of the user, for example, 99 USD and 100 USD will give people different feelings. While on the purchase of equipment, the acceptance of price is mostly reflected in the total investment of the project and the budget of the equipment. Therefore, they will seriously affect the transaction of the speed reducers.

Common problems of speed reducer & relative solutions

1.Overheating of speed reducer

A.Overload running—adjust to suitable load.

B.Excessive friction of oil seal—add lubrication oil to the oil seal.

C.Improper connection of output shaft and transmission device—adjust to proper position

D.Too heavy impact loading-replace bigger model of speed reducer

2.Noise of speed reducer

Overload operation—adjust to proper load.

Bearing damaged or too big backlash—replace bearings

Loose of bolt—Tighten the bolt

The transmission is not fixed properly—Fix the transmission device.

3.Speed reducer doesnt work

   Abrasion of gears—replace gears

Motor damage—repair motor

Error of wiring—wiring according to the instruction

What we should pay attention to when using the speed reducer gearbox?

The service life of the speed reducer is not only related to the quality of the reducer, but also on how to maintain the reducer in the ordinary time is also the key to the long time use of the reducer. Well, what problems we should pay attention to in the process of using the reducer gearbox? Here we come to find it out.

Firstly, before using the speed reducer, we should pay attention to check the reducer construction, center distance specification, transmission ratio, input shaft connection mode, output shaft structure, input and output shaft direction and rotation direction are in conformity with the using requirement, and the worm input speed should not exceed 1500rpm. Secondly, the load should be applied gradually and cannot be started under full loaded. All speed reducers should be configured with exhaust plug. And oil level should be checked when using ( such as oil level mirror hole or open the oil plug ). Besides, the gear reducer should also try to avoid being exposed to the sun and the harsh environment. Ensure good ventilation environment near the motor fans, so as not to affect heat dissipation.

If the storage time of the gear reducer is up to 4-6 months, you are required to check whether the oil seal is immersed in the lubrication oil. The lip of the oil seal may be stick on the shaft and even lose the elasticity. Because the proper elasticity is the working condition of the oil seal, it is recommended to replace the oil seal, and all the rubber and breathable hole can not be covered with paint.

The standard working environment of the speed reducer is at -5 C -40 C.

Why the output force of precision planetary reducer is too small?

If the output force of precision planetary gearbox is too small, the shaft is easily broken. And what are the reasons that easily leads to this condition?

First of all, the wrong model selection results in the insufficient output torque of the precision planetary gear reducer that is equipped. When select the model, some users wrongly believed that as long as the nominated torque of the selected precision planetary reducer can meet the working requirement, that will be ok. Actually, it it not true. Firstly, the rated output torque of the matched motor is multiplied by reduction ratio equals to a data which is in principle should be smaller than the nominated output torque of the similar planetary reducer on the catalogue. Secondly, the overload capacity of the drive motor and the actual required maximum working torque should also be considered at the same time. In theory, the maximum operating torque the user needs must be less than 2 times of the rated output torque of the planetary reducer.