PT-C-K Hollow Shaft Output Steering Gearbox

Overview of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

  • Single hollow output shaft with key groove
  • Space-saving for right angle structure
  • High precision positioning and low backlash
  • Ratio for 1:1
  • With planetary gears mechanism for high efficiency
  • Suitable for all brands of servo motors in the world


Indication of Model Numbers of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

Descriptions of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

The Taiqi Seiko PT-C-K series servo gearbox is designed with single hollow shaft with groove key. It is a kind of planetray gearbox which possesses the planetary gears mechanism with a sun gear and three planetary gears. The planetary gear design gurantee the high output torque and high strength and high rigity of the PT-C-K series steering gearbox. It features of small size, light weight, high output efficiency and smooth transmission.

Details of of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

  1. The hole output hoop typesteering gearbox with unique modular design of motor connecting plates and bearings of PT-C-K series steering gearbox is suitable for any brand and any type of servo motor.
  2. The surface of the gear box is treated with electroless nickel, and the motor connecting plate is treated with black anodization to improve the environmental resistance and corrosion resistance.
  3. The steering gearbox has a compact structure, high precision and large output torque due to the integrated design of the gear box and the inner ring gear.
  4. The PT-C-K series steering gearbox uses NYOGEL 792d synthetic grease, and adopt ip65 protection grade seal design so that the oil does not leak.


The Taiqi PT-C-K hollow shaft keyed steering gearbox is widely used in semiconductor equipment, TFT-LCD optoelectronic equipment, automation industrial equipment, industrial robotic arm equipment, various packaging equipment.


Specification Table of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox


Catalogue of of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

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