DG Hollow Rotary Actuator

Overview of DG Hollow Rotary Actuator

  • Simple origin regression
  • High positioning accuracy in short time
  • Large diameter hollow structure
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and never get rust
  • Superior performance
  • High quality and competitive price

Descriptions of DG Hollow Rotary Actuator

The DG hollow rotary actuator of 3F uses high-precision gear structure and radial bearings to improve the torque and rigidity. It adopts an integrated design with the use of high rigidity cross diagonal roller bearings and the disc device with large inertia and and it could connect with stepper motor and driver directly. What’s more, the servo motor or the stepping motor can be cut arbitrarily to meet the number of bits that the divider can not control, and the positioning accuracy can be comparable to the direct drive. Positioning of inertial load in a short time could be realized.

Advantages of DG Hollow Rotary Actuator

  1. Direct connection

What’s more, the worktables and robot arms that need to be installed can be directly mounted on the rotating platform, which can save time and cost in mechanical design.

  1. Hollow structure design

The DG hollow rotary actuator adopts the hollow structure design with a large diameter which is suitable for piping and wiring.

  1. Precise positioning

The repeated positioning accuracy is ±15 sec, the lost motion is 2 min and the deviation of angle transmission is 4 min.

  1. Wear resistance

The gear of 3F DG hollow rotary actuator is made of high quality alloy steel and treated with carbon-nitrogen to achieve the best wear resistance and impact toughness.

  1. High strength and high torque

The output planet carrier adopts an one-piece structure design to ensure high torsional stiffness and accuracy.


The 3F DG hollow rotary actuator is widely used in CNC indexing device, machine tool fourth processaxis, military radar, automatic production line, light load robot joint, laser marking or rotary chuck in engraving machine and rotary shaft in precision alignment mechanism.

Construction System of DG Hollow Rotary Actuator

Note: The operation of DG Series hollow rotary reducer needs the controller with pulse output function to operate.

Common structural forms

  1. DirectType:CR

The motor shaft is concentric with the central axis of the turntable is called direct rotary platform

  1. Side-mounted Type: SR

The motor shaft is parallel to the central axis of the turntable is called side-mounted rotary actuator.

  1. Paraxialtype: RR

Motor shaft and the center axis of the turntable are in a 90 degree angle is called paraxial type rotating table.


Specification Table of DG Hollow Rotary Actuator


Catalogue of DG Standard Planetary Gearbox

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