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The considered factors when purchasing a speed reducer

1.Quality of the speed reducer In the professional view, the quality includes a vast range such as quality of R & D, production quality, storage quality, transport quality and maintenance quality. While from the Quality in a professional perspective includes a vast range, such as R & D quality, storage quality, production quality, transportation quality […]

Common problems of speed reducer & relative solutions

1.Overheating of speed reducer A.Overload running—adjust to suitable load. B.Excessive friction of oil seal—add lubrication oil to the oil seal. C.Improper connection of output shaft and transmission device—adjust to proper position D.Too heavy impact loading-replace bigger model of speed reducer 2.Noise of speed reducer Overload operation—adjust to proper load. Bearing damaged or too big backlash—replace […]

Why the output force of precision planetary reducer is too small?

If the output force of precision planetary gearbox is too small, the shaft is easily broken. And what are the reasons that easily leads to this condition? First of all, the wrong model selection results in the insufficient output torque of the precision planetary gear reducer that is equipped. When select the model, some users wrongly believed that as […]