PLE Economy Planetary Gearbox

Overview of PLE Planetary Gearboxes

  • Low backlash of the inline gearbox
  • Light in weight and small in volume of the PLE series
  • Low friction bearing design and high efficiency are the main features of PLE planetary gearbox
  • High output torque, and the Max. output torque can achieve 3 times of nominal output torque
  • Free maintenance and long service life
  • Easy to install with a flexible mounting position

Indication of Model Numbers of PLE Speed Reducers

Description of PLE Low Backlash Planetary Gearbox

The internal structure of 3F famed PLE series gearbox is spur gear design, and it can be matched with stepper motor and servo motor. Compare to other series, the PLE series planetary gear motors are more cheaper and it also can meet your requirements. The ratios of 3F famed planetary reducer from 3-100 and with input end diameters from φ30-150mm, which can greatly meet customer’s various application needs, and you can download 3F famed product catalogue from website for more detailed dimensions. The inline planetary gear motor can be matched with servo motors and stepper motors of all brands, such as: Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Lenz, Yaskawa,Panasonic, Fanuc, SIEMENS etc.

Transmission Construction of Planetary Gear Reducer

The internal structure of single-stage planetary reducer consists of three planetary gears and one sun gear.

Application of PLE Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes

PLE Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes are widely used in the fields of machine tools, textile, printers, packaging machinery, rubber machinery, production lines, cutting machine, mechanical arm-gantry, aluminum doors and windows equipment, sealing machines, testing machine, etc.


Specification Table of PLE Planetary Gear Reducer


Catalogue of PLE Precision Speed Reducer

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