VRL High Precision Planetary Gearbox

Overview of VRL Planetary Gearbox

  • Wide range of reduction ratio from 1:3~1:100
  • Adapter-bushing connection which could attach with any motor
  • Quiet operation & Smooth transmission
  • Good sealing with a compact structure
  • Any installation direction

Indication of Model Numbers of VRL Speed Reducers

Descriptions of VRL Planetary Gearbox

The 3F VRL series precision planetary speed reducer is a kind of inline planetary gearbox with high quality alloy steel shell, high rigity helical gear and double bracing structure which makes the 3F VRL precison planetary gearbox possess good accuracy and high reliability. The VRL series speed redcuer could match with the servo motor or stepper motor directly and it gurantees the high transmission efficiency which is up to 97%.

Features of VRL Planetary Gearbox

  1. High rigity & High torque

The shell of VRL series precision planetary gearbox of 3F famed is made of high quality alloy steel and the bearing adopts the imported NDK bearings. The high quality material ensure the high transmission torque and large load capacity.

  1. Small vibration & Low noise

The structure of planetary reducer and helical gears with small vibration and low noise can maximize the strength of the VRL precision planetary gearbox.

  1. High positioning accuracy

The VRL series planetary speed reducer is manufactured with advanced processing technology at home and broad which ensure the high precision and the backlash is as low as 3 arcmin.

  1. Long service life

Advanced synthetic grease with good durability is adopted and there is no requirment for long time maintenance. It has good sealing and no grease leakage.


The 3F VRL series precision planetary speed reducer is widely used in transportation machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, petrochemical machinery, construction machinery, light industry and textile machinery, medical instruments, injection molding machines, linear slides, pick and place automation, gantries, cutting and welding machines and instrument machinery.

How to Select the Right Speed Reducer?

Step 1

What’s your motor brand and model? Or you can offer us the motor mounting dimension drawing like the following drawing with key sizes LR, LE, S, LB, LZ, LA

Step 2

What’s the ratio you need? Or pls tell us the nominated speed of your motor and the output speed of gearbox that you want.
*The speed ratio i=Motor Speed /output speed of gearbox

Step 3

What’s the output torque you need? Or pls tell us the power and the nominated speed of motor.
*The output torque (N.M)=9550x motor power(kw)/ motor speed (rpm)
*1 HP=0.75kw

Step 4

What’s your other requirement about the gearbox ? Such us flange, hole output, precision or backlash, noise value, shape of gearbox, inline or angle, etc. The more details requirement you offer us, the quicker we can select the suitable speed reducer gearbox for you.

Step 5

Download the catalogue from our website, check technical data, and get the right model.


Specification Table of VRL Planetary Gear Reducer


Catalogue of VRB Precision Speed Reducer

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