FHA-E Series Robot Gearbox

Overview of FHA-E Series Robot Reducer

  • High transmission efficiency.
  • High load capacity.
  • Low sliding loss and high efficiency.
  • Smooth operation with low noise.
  • With long diameter of wave exciter, it can realize high torque output.
  • With low energy consumption, it can achieve better economic benefit.


Indication of FHA-E Series Robot Reducer

Description of FHA-E Series Robot Reducer

■ FHA-E series robot reducer adopts load-decentralized technology of multi-gear engagement, it can enhance the load capacity.

Due to the traditional spur gears and helical gears is is only meshed by one tooth, it must withstand overload impact.

■ Due to the drive of the external & internal rollers contacts through sliding and rotation, FHA-E gearbox can realize high efficiency. While the torque transmission of traditional gear mechanism may unsmooth due to the abrasion or interference of gears.

Parameters of FHA-E Series Robot Reducer

  • Type: FHA-5E~FHA-450E
  • Backlash: ≤1-5 Arc.min
  • Ratio: 1/35~1/140
  • Capacity: 0.1kw~15kw
  • Rotation: Shaft run or case sun
  • Rated output torque: 60Nm~5100Nm
  • Direct output, tight engagement and high precision

Features of FHA-E Series Robot Reducer

  • Novel transmission with significant advantages

FHA-E series robot reducer not only features of the advantages of gear transmission of harmonic drive without flexspline, it also can provide large ratios. TQG FHA-E series robot gearbox features of big bearing capacity of cycloid reducer with low vibration.

  • High efficiency andlow sliding loss

Thanks to all the meshing parts were composed by roller, the mechanism loss is smaller and the efficiency up to 95% under one stage reducer.

  • Operating smoothly and low noise

FHA-E series robot reducer adopts multi-teeth meshing, the overlap-coefficient is larger, and the structure of double row structure is balanced. Due to the roller contact with certain gap could avoid the interference of gears, the vibration and noise reach to minimize value.

  • High precision & low backlash

The use of multi-teeth meshing engagement enables low transmission error which is only 25% of the traditional reducer.

  • Long diameter of wave exciter contributes to high torque output

Because of the regularity of the diameter of rolling wave is larger than traditional disc, the transmission torque is larger accordingly.

  • Compact structure and high ratio

The single stage reducer can obtain high ratio thanks to the transmission ratio is the number of the roller of a roller disc. Besides,due to the output shaft and input shaft of FHA-E robot gear reducer are in line, the dimension is more compact and volume is smaller under the same ratio of gear reducer and worm reducer.

  • Multi-teeth engagement contributes to high loading capability

The load capacity of FHA-E robot gear reducer is higher than traditional gear reducer, the reason is that the rollers meshing engagement simultaneously of twin-disc roller mechanism of FHT-A robot gearbox can reach to 50%.

  • Roller tooth contributes to long service life

With the the innovative roller drive design and outstanding technology and process, the FHA-E series robot gear reducer features of maintenance free and long service life.

  • Low energy consumption & Better economic benefit

FHA-E robot reducer features of high torque output, high efficiency, low operation load, low energy consumption and higher economical benefit.

  • Hollow design for direct output

With a hollow shaft type design, the FHA-E is easy to array the routing hydraulic tubes and electrical cable and mount the motor through coupling and motor flange.


Specification Table of FHA-E Series Robot Reducer 


Catalogue of FHA-E Series Robot Reducer

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