RV-C Series Robot Gearbox

Overview of RV-C Cycloidal Gear Reducer

  • Simple and compact design with high rigity
  • Low backlash which is up to 1 arc-min
  • Integrated angular bearings to bear high instant radial force and axial force
  • High ratio which is up to 400 without enlarge the gearbox size.
  • The Max. torque can reach 5 times of the rated torque (start or stop)
  • Space-saving due to the design of hollow shaft through hole ( up to 12.7cm diameter).
  • High positioning accuracy and transmission efficiency


Indication of RV-C Models

Descriptions of RV-C Cycloidal Gear Reducer

The cycloidal gear reducer is a new transmission device which adopts planetary transmission principle with cycloidal pin tooth meshing. The transmission device of cycloidal pinwheel reducer can be divided into three parts: the input part, the deceleration part and the output part. The TQG RV-C cycloidal gear reducer with a hollow shaft hole is specialized with the robot industry. As a driving device, due to the unique stationary structure, it can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and worm gear reducer in many cases. Therefore, the planetary cycloid pin reducer is widely used in various industries and fields, and is widely welcomed by the majority of users.

Features of RV-C Cycloidal Gear Reducer

  1. Long service life

The TQG RV-C cycloidal gear reducer is characteristic of low backlash, high efficiency and long service life that thanks to the rolling contact components.

  1. Flexsible design

The TQG RV-C cycloidal gear speed reducer features of a center through hole in order to save the installation space and with a configuration of component set for the more design flexibility.

  1. Large torque capacity

The RV-C cycloidal gear reducer of Taiqi includes a set of big inner angular support bearings that offer large moment capacities and there is no need for external support devices which can reduce the design time and mounting costs.

  1. Unique pin and gear structure of the cycloidal design

The RV-C cycloidal gear reducer has low backlash because of the unique pin and gear structure of the cycloidal design and it could provide a higher positioning accuracy and more outstanding impact resistance comparing with other traditional speed reducers.

  1. High positioning accuracy

The transmission error reflects the angular transmission accuracy between the input shaft and the output shaft. Test results show that the accuracy of these gears is very high. When the input gear is fixed, the nominated torque is imposed to the output shaft in two directions and the elasticity is measured. At zero load (dead point), the distanceΔ-φbetween the upper and lower boundary maps of the hysteresis region is a maximum of 1 arc-min.

Design advantages

  1. The TQG RV-C robot speed reduceris characteristic of high rigidity and the strong support ability to support the high external torque with the using of the integrated angular support bearings. There is no need for external support equipment and it reduces the quantity of components and the cost, but increases the operating reliability.
  2. The cycloidal pin and gear teeth of TQG RV-C cycloidal gear reducer are 100% continuous contact that guarantees extremely low backlash and high shock load capacity.
  3. The two-stage reduction mechanism includes the spur gear reducing mechnism and differential gear reducing mechnism. The low speed rotating of the cycloid gear reduces the vibration and moment inertia.
  4. Varies range of ratios could be achieved with the conbination of the spur gear.
  5. The use of rolling contact componentsof the TQG RV-C cycloidal gear reducer contributes to an outstanding starting efficiency, low backlash, low abrasion and long service life.


The Taiqi Seiko RV-C cycloidal gear reducer is widely used in machinery, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile industry and national defense industry and other industries.


Specification Table of RV-C Reducer


Catalogue of RV-C Reducer

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