PFR Right Angle Precision Planetary Gearbox

Overview of PFR Precision Planetary Right Angle Gearbox

  • Right angle typeto make motor mounted in 90 degree bending to save space.
  • The use of needle roller bearing achieved high rigidity and high torque.
  • The lowest backlash was achieved by the use of spiral bevel gears.
  • It is easy to install and can be matched with servo motor and stepper motors.
  • No need to replace the grease and free maintenance.

Indication of Model Numbers of PFR Speed Reducers

Description of PFR Planetary Right Angle Speed Reducer

The PFR series is suitable for this applications with special requirements, especially in space. With the compact structure and small size of PFR planetary gear reducer, it is a perfect solution when the mounting space is limited. The planetary gear is supported by two ends of the needle roller bearing, which enhances the torsional stiffness. The two ends of the output shaft are supported by high-precision and low clearance bearings to achieve greater bearing capacity. What’s more, flange output design make it easier to connect with the equipment.

Application of PFR Precision Planetary Gearbox

3F famed PFR precision planetary right angle gear reducer is widely used in various fields: environmental protection equipment, precision instruments, flame cutting, CNC machine tools, tool machinery, automation industry, printing machinery, textile printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical leather, environmental protection equipment, coal equipment, cement equipment, beer drink, mining machinery, wire rope transmission life test machine, glass equipment, winding machine, food packaging, welding equipment, CNC machine tools, laser cutting, industrial robot measuring equipment, rubber plastics, petrochemical, lifting transportation and other light and heavy industry, mechanical transmission and precision control field.

3F famed Superior Manufacturing Processes of PFR Planetary Gearbox:

All the components of PFR series planetary gearbox meet the 3F famed strict quality control system. The planetary gears and sun gear are all helical gears design, carburized and quenched to 58-62HRC, which will be proceeded the precision grinding and technical corrected to achieve perfect transmission effect. The planetary gear is supported by two ends of the needle rollers, which has enhanced the torsional stiffness. The protection level of 3F famed planetary gearbox is up to the international standard IP65 (full dustproof and waterproof).

Patent of PFR series Planetary Gear Reducers:

3F famed PFR series planetary gearboxes has won two national patents of lubricating construction, which is applied in the internal spiral gear structure to ensure the highest output efficiency .

Patent 1: Reduce the axial thrust when the planetary gear is running.

Patent 2: Increase the lubrication, and decrease the frictional resistance and noise.


Specification Table of PFR Planetary Gear Reducer


Catalogue of PFR Precision Speed Reducer

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