SHD Series Component Set of Harmonic Gearbox

Overview of SHD Harmonic Reducer

  • Ultra-flat shape with hollow structure
  • Equipped with high rigid cross roller bearing
  • Quiet operation and small varication
  • High precision accuracy
  • Coaxial input and output
  • Simple and compact structure
  • Zero backlash


Indication of Model Numbers of SHD Series Harmonic Reducer

Descriptions of SHD Harmonic Reducer

The Taiqi Seiko harmonic reducer is composed of three parts, harmonic generator, circular spline and flex spline. Harmonic drive is a kind of gear transmission which makes the flexible gear generate controllable elastic deformation and is engaged with rigid gears to transmit the motion and power. Besides, one of these three fixed components can be decelerated transmission and speed up transmission mechanism. What’s more, it featured with a ultra-flat shape and the axial length of the SHD series harmonic drive is shorter than the SHG/SHF series harmonic reducer. It is also the simpility unit with the high stiffness crosser roller bearing in the output side.

The Composition of  Harmonic Drive Gearbox

Fatures of SHD Harmonic Reducer

  1. The flexsplinehas a large alternating load capacity so that the requirements for the fatigue strength, processing and heat treatment of the material of the flexspline are relatively high.
  2. In the process of harmonic transmission, the meshing of tooth and tooth is surface contact, and the number of meshing teeth (overlap coefficient) is much more, so the load of per unit area is small and the bearing capacity is higher than that of other transmission forms.
  3. The core components of TQG SHD harmonic drive are adopted theimported high-end metal materials with both flexibility and stiffness.
  4. It has high transmission efficiency and small variation during the operating and is suitable for high precision transmission industry.


The TQG SHD series harmonic drive are widely used in fields of robot, metal working machine, processing machine, printing, bookbinding and paper, semiconductor manufacturing systems, measurement, analytical and test systems, medical equipment, optical machine, wood, light metal and plastic machine tool, paper-making machine, crating and packaging machines, flat panel display manufacturing system, communication equipment, printed circuit board manufacturing machine, humanoid robot, telescope, energy, space equipment, aircraft, glass and ceramic manufacturing system, etc.


Specification Table of SHD Series Harmonic Reducer


Catalogue of SHD Series Harmonic Reducer

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